We place high premium on the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and customers, employees, assets, and other people within our group and the community at large. Our workers are trained and experienced in working safely and in strict adherence to all work specific and project specific safety rules and regulations. The numerous appreciations received by us from major clients are a testimony to our commitment to occupational health and safety environment.
NCT is fully committed to Quality performance and standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Our approach to business is partnership and we are working as a team to achieve project objectives in mutually beneficial manner. Our main emphasis is on properly managing the scope, schedule, budget and quality. Continuous improvement is a way of life in NCT and underlines our commitment to be the best service provider and product supplier to our valued clients and customers.


NCT is committed to sustainable development and strongly supports the Government’s drive towards sustainability. We play a vital role in scientifically managing the waste in all parts of the state for the last 10 years. Over these years we have been providing value added services in waste management at industrial locations. It is our company policy to preserve and even enhance the environment by properly managing the waste, prudently utilizing the resources, especially energy, to meet the increasing demand and steadfastly protecting and conserving resources for future generations.
NCT is deeply aware of its social responsibility and is committed to giving back part of its business revenue to the communities by sponsoring social and community events and has been active in charitable activities.