NCT as a pace setter company in service sector in the state of Qatar is much committed to the highest standards for Quality, Health, safety & Environment (QHSE) throughout its operation and to achieve the same we have implemented a comprehensive and integrated Quality Health & Safety Management system. It provides a model and framework of policies & procedures that cater the safety and welfare of people, property and environment.

Our Safety objectives are to :


We are working hard to achieve the objectives by setting clear cut objectives, responsibilities and accountability for QSHE performances across all levels of the organization with solid measurement and reporting system. Ensuring proactive communication and extending appropriate training to equip all employees to achieve QSHE objectives is carried out as part of training plan and training matrix.
NCT is proactive in all environmental issues, considering its responsibility for the preservation of the environment as a core commitment.


• Provide safe & healthy working  atmosphere.
• Protect the environment from any sort  of  harm.
• Conserve the natural resources.
• Attain preparedness to manage any sort  of emergency.
• For identifying and assessing risks associated with any work and
  establish methods to mitigate the risks.
• Maintain and continuously improve  system to  ensure the safety of
   people and assets.
• To promote sustainable development.